All Creatures of Our God and King

I am privileged to partner with others who promote rescue and adoption of orphaned and abandoned animals. At a recent book signing and sale event I met the kind caregiver of Maple, a cute dark gray and white longhair kitty. She was named for the tree she clung to after a terrifying thunderstorm. I was happy to send a kitty gift basket home for Maple.  Another such basket is waiting at Claremore Animal Shelter. It will go home with a family who adopts a cat during the special half price adoption program now underway at the Shelter.

Both kitty baskets include a copy of my book, Four Furry Friends, the true tale of four newborn kittens adopted by a special friend. I have been blessed to hear stories about little children liking the story. I hope they grow up loving All Creatures of Our God and King,*  and participating in rescue and adoption programs for them.

*Title of hymn written by Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) shortly before his death and unpublished for almost 400 years.


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