God’s Creatures

O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth*

Friends and family already know I love everything about animals – having them, being around them, reading and writing about them.

I recently discovered a delightful hymn*  about animals, and with the author’s permission, I am quoting it here, and will do so in future blogs.

O God, your creatures fill the earth with wonder and delight,                                                       And every living thing has worth and beauty in your sight.                                                       So playful dolphins dance and swim; Your sheep bow down and graze.                                      Your songbirds share a morning hymn To offer you their praise.

I am currently working on a new illustrated book about God’s creatures. Just like my children’s story, Four Furry Friends, this one is based on a true story given to me by a friend. The title is Allie’s Geese, and it will be available in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, my friend Sandy Logan has a wonderful pair of books about a dear donkey, and is working on another in a planned series of five.  For Oklahoma shoppers, her Micah and Micah’s Cross and my Four Furry Friends can be purchased at Boarding House Books in Claremore and Another  Chapter Bookstore in Owasso.  These stores are totally different yet both are fun shopping stops for readers of all ages and interests.

I wish you joy in reading. Best friends can be found in books.

*O God, Your Creatures Fill the Earth by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette. She and her husband, Bruce are co-pastors. Contract her at bcgillette@Comcast.net for permission to use hymn in your church.




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