Furry Friends Need Homes

     Attention Animal Lovers: I keep reading media stories about animal shelters being full and adoption fees being reduced to help empty the shelters. If you are ready to add a new four legged friend to your family, now is the time.  The first one of you who contacts me with proof that you have adopted a pet will get an autographed copy of my book Four Furry Friends, shipped postpaid to your address. The book is a true story about four feral felines who have a lifelong friend to care for them. If you want to read it but aren’t ready for a furry friend of your own, the book is available at Amazon.com, or at Boardinghouse Books in Claremore.  Happy reading and Happy Holidays.


Finding Friends between the pages

I grew up as a singleton (That’s my kids’ name for an only child.) and  probably would have been lonely and bored  if I hadn’t found good friends between the pages of my favorite books. As a little girl, I loved stories about animals and my affection for furred or feathered critters continues.

Just recently I made a new feathered friend. Our  neighbors have chickens. The birds  have  a mansion level chicken coop and the best of care. I simply get to enjoy the happy sounds of clucking hens. The chickens are allowed out briefly  each afternoon to scratch for insects and run about the yard. When some  found their way under the fence to our squirrel feeder, their owner put up a blockade. She didn’t want them robbing our feeder.

I asked her to let them come, as it was fun to watch them. Then, I couldn’t resist walking close, hoping I could just touch one, feel the fluffy feathers. My new friend comes under the fence and across the yard to meet me and allows me to stroke her feathers in exchange for a few kernels of corn.    I’ve named her after a much-loved  Little Golden Book, The Little Red Hen.

I’ve recently been thinking of another book I loved long ago. It was about a little terrier type dog that tried to guard pies cooling on a windowsill. There was a butterscotch pie in the plot. Does this sound familiar? If you can name the book and give me a tip about finding it,  I’ll send you a copy of my book,  Four Furry Friends.

Happy Reading!






All Things Bright and Beautiul*


I love to help animals in need.

There are some beautiful cats from Zoi’s Animal Rescue now waiting for new families at Claremore’s PetSense Store. A copy of my book, Four Furry Friends, will go home with each  cat adopted this month. Stop by and meet the waiting cats.

If you want to know more about the book, send me your address and I’ll mail you a bookmark.

*Hymn title

All Creatures Great and Small*

Those who know me best and those who have read either of my books already know I love animals. I have planned some giveaways to help animals in need of a loving home.

Claremore Animal Shelter is full and is starting a special 1/2 price adoption program. Names of those who adopt will go in a hat, and the name drawn from the hat will receive a kitty basket including a copy of Four Furry Friends.  A copy of Four Furry Friends will also go to those who adopt a cat or kitten at the new PetSense store in Claremore next week.

This Saturday, June 25,  I will be signing and selling books at my church fundraising event. Come to  the Inside Sale at Claremore FUMC, visit my booth and say Hi. If you bring me a picture of your cat, I’ll have a little gift for you.

*from the Anglican Hymn All Things Bright and Beautiful, first published in 1848








This is the day

cropped-headerimage2.jpgThis is the day, this is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

I do I rejoice in it. I invite you to rejoice with me.  Today is the day chosen to launch this site and this is the location to share my stories – written and in progress.  To celebrate, I am planning several giveaways to introduce myself and my books to you.